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"The FCA’s strategic priorities in 2012 are cartel enforcement, measures against shadow economy and competition restraints in the food chain."

– Director General Juhani Jokinen

What's New

FCA proposes a €70m fine on Valio for abuse of dominant position in the fresh milk market

Press release 12/20/2012 – The FCA proposes that the Market Court impose on Valio Oy a €70m penalty payment for abuse of dominant position in the production and wholesale market of fresh milk. The FCA has also ordered Valio to cease its antitrust violation which has continued for almost three years.

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FCA approves acquisition of Hankkija-Maatalous by DLA

Press release 12/14/2012 – The FCA today approved a deal whereby DLA International Holding A/S ("DLA") part of the Danish Agro group acquires control in Hankkija-Maatalous Oy.

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Temporary management of Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority appointed

Press realease 12/12/2012 – The Ministry of Employment and the Economy has appointed LL.M., trained on the bench Juhani Jokinen Director General of the new Competition and Consumer Authority for 1 January – 31 Marc 2012. For the same duration, M.Sc. Techn, M.Sc.Pol. Timo Mattila has been appointed Director of the Competition division, and LL.M. Päivi Hentunen Director of the Consumer division and Consumer Ombudsman.

Competition and Consumer Authority to commence operations at the start of 2013

Press release 11/30/2012 – The new Competition and Consumer Authority is to commence operations on 1 January 2012. The President of the Republic confirmed the pertinent acts on 30 November 2012.

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FCA to probe deeper into market impacts of the Uponor / KWH deal

Press release 10/24/2012 – The FCA today decided to commence phase two investigations in a deal whereby Uponor Oyj (”Uponor”) and KWH-Yhtymä Oy (”KWH”) found a joint venture.

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Government evening session discussed ways to promote healthy competition

Press release 9/20/2012 – The government evening session met on Wednesday 19 September to discuss a programme for promoting healthy competition. The aim of the programme is to increase competition in the domestic market. The added value of the targeted sectors is approximately EUR 50 billion, which equals almost one fourth of Finland's GDP.

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Competition Authority

The FCA‘s mission is to monitor compliance with the Competition Act and the EU competition rules (Articles 101 and 102) and to promote efficient competition by various ways as an expert authority.

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FCA works in close cooperation with the EU Commission and the competition authorities of the Member States.

European commission (competition)

Within the Commission, DGIV for Competition is primarily responsible for the implementation of the competition rules.

Directorate General for Competition

European Competition Network (ECN)

The primary objective of the ECN is to ensure the efficient and uniform application of Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) in the internal market.


The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) began operations on 1 January 2013: